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As we wait for New York State to release all of the adult-use cannabis laws and regulations, Snowbelt Cannabis is working relentlessly to make sure we are ready and dialed for the application process to become Cannabis Cultivators in the great city of Jamestown, NY. We’re glad you’re here and appreciate your support through this process and we will keep you up to date as the state’s processes unfold.  

We’re striving to be cannabis cultivators (growers). The way New York has set it up- you can either be a cultivator OR open a dispensary. They do offer a Micro Business license for small scale full integration, but we will be applying for the 10,000 sq. ft. cultivation license. We will wholesale our products to a dispensary near you when the time comes. We currently are leasing and building out the first 5,000 sq. ft. in a building in Jamestown.  


Check out our crowd investment platform set up where you can invest as little as $100 and get a 1.8x return on your money in 4 years. We appreciate any amount as this will be a very large capital undertaking, but we know we can do it! To learn more and grow with us, click on one of the INVEST links.



8-17 hemp room

Building Progress Update

We can’t believe it’s already September, this summer has completely flown by! Time flies when you’re having fun building a new business and space 🙂

Ryan Cornell

Cornell Hemp Research Field Day

We’re fortunate to have an innovative university like Cornell University here in NYS and just a few hours from us! We attended their Hemp Research

Jamestown Cannabis Crew Meeting with City Officials

Meeting with our City Officials

We had an informal meeting with a few of our city officials and local business owners interested in getting into the adult-use industry here in

7-13 hemp room

Building Progress Update

Making progress on our space! Electric is being ran and the walls are enclosing We’re so thankful for our helping hands and our local electrician.

Tap Root

Tap Root Fields Farm Tour

The New York Cannabis Growers & Processors Association and Tap Root Fields hosted a great networking event and farm tour! Tap Root Fields recently got


Focus on what we can do best and grow high-quality safe cannabis by maximizing growth through vertical integration rather than adding more plants than we can give our full attention to


Follow best practices for our entire operation, including water conservation, low energy consumption, proper recycling, soil composting and eco-friendly packaging


Offer quality well paying jobs and educational opportunities and charitable contributions  to supportlocal residents lives that have been impacted by cannabis prohibition

As avid snowboarders, we are aware of the climate change issues happening around us, affecting snowfall totals and winters around the world. It's important to us that Snowbelt’s brand portrays our love for the conservation of the planet and passion for supporting and nurturing our local community.

Our Business Model

Snowbelt Cannabis will have the ability to vegetate up to 10,000 square feet of plant canopy, will grow up to 16+ different strains of cannabis, and will have the ability to grow from seedling to finished product. We will utilize vertical racks in our vegetative rooms to maximize space for flowering. We will use as little pesticides as possible by being vigilant about sterilization, cleanliness and preventative measures such as antibacterial walls and biological controls. We will treat our flowers with the utmost care and respect all the way through harvesting, trimming, and curing. We intend to offer a high quality, terpene rich, clean and inspected product in a variety of genetics for a diverse consumer base. 

To strive for the best sustainability we will be using as many LED Lights as possible. LED lights are the future of indoor growing, they use less electricity, create less heat, last longer, and as science progresses they will become more efficient and effective in light spectrum. All products manufactured by Snowbelt will be sold on a wholesale basis to in-state dispensaries and processors. We will apply for the Processing and Distribution licenses along with Cultivation, to be able to process our own oils and distribute our own products as a means for vertical integration growth.

Our Story

As current Jamestown small business owners and community members, we aim to focus on quality over quantity and provide a safe and high-grade product. We’re lucky to be a part of such a supportive culture and municipality. Our city officials (including our Mayor) are very proactive and cognizant about bringing the cannabis industry here to Jamestown. Together, we are striving to create a local cannabis everything hub to create community wealth and provide quality jobs and opportunities for our area.

Passionate about environmentalism

Belief in the cannabis plant and all its beneficial purposes

Strong work ethics from over a decade of self-employment

Importance of small businesses and entrepreneurs

Located in an area with very affordable real estate and utilities.

Live in a well-connected and supportive community

Market Opportunities

Marijuana Business Daily recently released a prediction that retail U.S. cannabis sales are projected to surpass $30 billion in 2022. Flower will continue to dominate retail cannabis sales into 2022. The industry can expect a 29.3% growth rate in 2022, according to Headset, up from the 27.7% expected this year.


As owners of Biodome Project, we have obtained and held a Cannabinoid license since it was introduced in NY State and complied with changing regulations. We have experience in compliance and working with state agencies for agriculture inspections, and kitchen inspections. We currently have wholesale accounts and business relationships with lighting and equipment suppliers such as Horticulture Lighting Group, BFG Supply, Coast of Maine, Advanced Nutrients and others.

Ashley Baron


Ashley’s extensive marketing background will ensure our products have mass appeal while maintaining a high-end reputation as safe and responsible growers.

Ryan Peterson


Ryan’s decade-plus experience in farming and cultivation will allow him to optimize yields using a variety of different methods and techniques.

Our Experience

Experience working with controlled substances

Experience growing many varieties of plants

Currently have wholesale accounts and business relationships with equipment suppliers

Over a decade of marketing and content creation experience​

Members of CANY (Cannabis Association of New York)

Attended years of INDO EXPO Premiere Cannabis Tradeshow​

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