Next Phase of Construction!


The next phase of construction- building flower room #2!

This will be a replica of the first room we built where we currently grow our hemp.
We had great success with the past build, that we are once again asking our community for help in finding building and construction supplies that we can take off your hands to reuse and repurpose. This could be new or used materials left over from other jobs, due to moving, or just extras. Don’t throw them away, we’d be happy to buy them off you and put them to good use rather than sitting unused or taking up space! Feel free to send us links to auctions or marketplace posts if you come across them!
We’re definitely in need of insulation as winter is coming, but here’s a list of some things, but really any kind of building materials can be helpful-
  • Large 40″+ metal or fire doors (like the one pictured behind willow in the 1st photo which was going to be thrown away and we scored for free thanks to the last post like this!!)
  • Any kind of insulation- board, rolled
  • Metal Studs
  • Sheet metal for roofs
  • Fire-resistant Dry wall
  • Plywood
  • Rolled rubber
  • Flood tables
  • Things of these natures
With the state still moving forward with October 4th as the day applications open, we’re working on getting everything ready to get up and going as quickly as possible. Thank you everyone for your continued support as we are now 2+ years deep in this endeavor but we’re finally getting closer!
Build out
Build out
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