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This small New York town is going all-in on legal cannabis

We’re so excited and proud to share this article from and NY Cannabis Insider on Jamestown’s forward-thinking approach to the upcoming legal cannabis industry! NY Cannabis Insider Editor and Publisher, Brad Racino, and Journalist, Katrina Tulloch, visited Jamestown a couple of months ago to interview our city officials and prospective cannabis businesses on our progressive efforts in the new industry. Thank you, Mayor Eddie Sundquist and the City of Jamestown, for all your support and work thus far. We have some awesome local business owners lined up and eager to get this off the ground and going- Grant Robinson and Liquid Monkey, Tim Scoma and Lifted, Kerry Trammel & Todd Stimson and The Releaf Market LLC, and Thomas Spanos. We couldn’t be more honored to work with them all. We all want to see Jamestown thrive, the plant stigma removed, to help and educate people, and to create a safe and equitable market for everyone. It’s not going to be easy or perfect, but we’ll do everything we can to get there. Thank you everyone for all your continued support, we look forward to growing Jamestown!

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