Cornell Cannabis Sativa L. Field Day 2023


Thank you Cornell University for another awesome Cannabis Sativa L. Field Day!

We’re so lucky to have resources like Cornell and its amazing staff and students helping destigmatize the plant and doing extensive research on hemp.

We did not expect there to be two powerful panel discussions about the adult use market. Latinas Grow led a discussion on Equity & Inclusion, how to empower minorities in the industry. And Brad Racino of NY Cannabis Insider led a discussion on the struggle of AUCC farmers. The state of the industry is wild right now and these panels laid out the truth and we really appreciated that and all they do for the community as a whole.

We got to get out in the field to see the different hemp plots and learn about Cornell’s work with fungal diseases, soil health and insect management. The USDA folks gave us a tour of their fiber plots and talked about their findings from different hemp fields across the country. It was an all around wonderful day!


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