Cannabis Laws and Regulations Update


There has been a new update to the timeline of the MRTA (Marijuana Regulations & Taxation Act) Adult-Use Licenses: With their Cannabis Conversations events, the OCM (Office of Cannabis Management) has fleshed out the expected timeline for adult use licenses. Currently, this is what the OCM expects:

The proposed regulations will be put out, followed by a 60 day comment period on the laws and regulations.
The first 60-day comment period will end, and adjustments will be made to the regulations based on these comments.
The proposed final regulations will come out, but the OCM expects the changes will be significant enough to require a second 60-day comment period.
The second 60-day comment period will end.
License applications open.


Unfortunately, this is a waiting game with the state and out of our control at this time. This does not mean we are sitting here waiting, though!  There’s still so much to be done and we are continually undertaking the initial preparatory actions for license applications. In the meantime, we will continue to secure capital, grow our brand, develop more relationships and supply chains, prepare for quality controls and documentation procedures, build out our space and continue to educate ourselves. 


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