2nd Annual Niagara County Community College Cannabis Conference


Last week, we attended the 2nd Annual Niagara County Community College Cannabis Conference and it was another great event! The day was packed full of valuable information and inspiration. It was great to hang out with our fellow cannabis entrepreneurs as well as meet some new ones.


We love that they start the conference with science-backed and clinical trial results from the leading medical professionals at Dent Neurologic Institute about how cannabis is helping people around the world. Hearing the story of Dr. Lazlo on how he was once a sceptic doctor has completely reversed his opinion and is leading the charge on ending the stigma because he had patient after patient tell him how much the plant has changed their lives for the better reassures that we are all doing something to truly make a difference. We were also blown away by the work Daniela Vergara is doing at Cornell University, she is putting out papers and research that are shaping the future of our industry. Our friend Nikki Lawley is always out there advocating for cannabis and patients as another once critic turned to the green side once she was educated.

Nikki and the Plant

The Soil King Legends of Legacy panel featured all the industry OGs that have fought relentlessly and continue to fight for the plant over many decades and we wouldn’t be where we are today with legalization if it weren’t for them. We appreciate their honesty and willingness to help us not make the same mistakes they did and what we can do better moving forward to fight corporate cannabis and politics. The takeaway is to come together as a community, to stick together, to fight together and to remember the one thing that brings us all together – the plant and one love.

Positive Nelson

We want to give a special thanks to Melissa Moore for making this event happen as a few years ago, we never would have fathomed a cannabis event at SUNY. They provided a delicious lunch, a full day of education, a vendor hall, and a great networking event after the conference. It was an all-around valuable day!


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